Step 3 - Where are the Jobs?

Getting interested is the first step toward becoming a financial advisor, but once you are hooked, jobs don’t often land in your lap. It takes some digging to find the best fit for your personal path. These links can help you get ready.

Pre-Interview Prep

From “selling yourself” to “perfecting your resume,” there’s a lot of advice out there about how to do a job search right. At the end of the day, it’s your career path and it’s yours for the choosing. But here are some ways you can get ready before you start interviewing.

Search the Job Listings

Thinking about joining a big company? Independent firms are great too, but those jobs can be harder to track down. Start by checking these job postings and then compare them to those you find when you search locally.

On the Job Training

The good news is that, once hired, you don’t always have to go it alone. Many investment firms offer comprehensive, in-depth training programs to fully prepare you for a successful career.

The index of financial planning training programs is your’s for the searching at
There are 3 defined paths at Ameriprise. See which career is the best fit for you.
Get a foundation in financial advising with Baird’s 2 year or 6 month programs.
Morgan Stanley offers a Financial Advisor Associate program.
Raymond James offers two programs — AMP (the Advisor Mastery Program) and RAMP (the Registered Associate Mentoring Program). Find out which is right for you.
Explore the UBS program built to develop talent in the field of financial advising.
From one-on-one help to training programs, RBC offers resources for new advisors.